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VetPlus Renate (Per Box)


A complementary feed for cats designed to aid renal function in cats. Renate’s unique blend of ingredients including; B vitamins, turmeric and cranberry, supports renal function in cats and provides fast-acting, long term support.

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Promotes Blood Flow
Pine bard extract promotes blood flow to the kidneys and helps to regulate natural blood pressure management.

Supports Calorie Intake
B vitamins promote appetite and calorie intake to support weight maintenance.

Easy to Use
The 2g sachet is easy to sprinkle over food, very palatable and can be used straight away with any diet.

Feeding Guidelines
Renate comes in a 2g sachet which can be mixed well with food and is designed to be used long term.

One sachet should be split evenly over your cat’s daily meals.

Renate is a complementary feed for cats containing a unique formulation of calcium carbonate,magnesium carbonate, curcumin, cranberry, pine bark extracts, B vitamins and vitamin E.


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