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VetExpert V+ Obesity Dog 2kg


A diet for overweight and obese dogs.

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A diet for overweight and obese dogs. Recommended in periods of low activity or after castration / sterilization. Also suitable in fiber-related diseases: diabetes, hyperlipidemia, colitis, constipation.

Energy, fat – reduced concentration
Helps limit weight gain and stimulate the burning of fat tissue in the organism

Raw fiber – increased concentration
Increases the volume of food in the digestive tract, causing a feeling of satiety, stabilizes glucose levels in the blood (important in diabetes) and stimulates the peristalsis of the digestive tract (constipation)

L-carnitine – added
Necessary to increase the speed of burning fatty acids in cells; its increased content helps mobilize fatty acids

Resistant starch – added
Eliminates an additional source of calories thanks to its resistance to digestion and assimilation in the large intestine

Multidirectional approach
Supports the function of joints


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