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Royal Canin 法國皇家保護關節老貓12+配方肉汁貓濕包 (AG12) 85g/盒


Royal Canin Feline Health Ageing +12 Complex promotes healthy ageing. It helps maintain a youthful vigour thanks to its patented complex of antioxidants and polyphenols (from green tea) reinforced with lycopene. It supports the cognitive function with tryptophan, an amino acid recognized for its relaxing properties.

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Helps support joint health with Glucosamine and Chrondroitin and EPA and DHA Essential fatty acids. This food has a low adapted Phosphorus level to support renal health (0.6%) and the palatable formula and specific double texture helps to stimulate your feline’s appetite. As a guideline, feed 40g for a cat of 3kg



搶先評價 “Royal Canin 法國皇家保護關節老貓12+配方肉汁貓濕包 (AG12) 85g/盒”

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