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Pyohex Conditioner


If you notice your pet chewing a particular spot, a quick application of Pyohex Conditioner can nip that itch in the bud and stop a full-blown skin infection in its tracks. Many dogs suffer seasonal allergies and it is not always possible to remove the cause of the itch.


Using Pyohex Conditioner can at least reduce skin disease to manageable levels by reducing bacterial numbers on the skin. The conditioner can be used on its own.


Bacterial skin infections in dogs need treatment and Pyohex Conditioner is specifically formulated to help along with Pyohex medicated hair product. Chlorohexidine Gluconate is the active constituent.
It’s a topical, anti-bacterial leave-in conditioner that prolongs the effectiveness of medicated hair products. It is suitable for use on haired and non haired skin.


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