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I’m-Yunity Herbal Supplement


Yunzhi mushroom (Trametes versicolor also called Coriolus versicolor) has been used in Chinese medicine for two thousand years because of its superior health benefits. I’m-Yunity for Dogs herbal supplement contains protein bound polysaccharide extracted from the mycelia of the COV-1 strain of this mushroom.


Research has shown protein bound polysaccharide can enhance immune function. By supporting the body’s immune function and maintaining general fitness with I’m-Yunity for Dogs, a healthier lifestyle can be achieved

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Most dog owners may hesitate to opt for chemotherapy for their dogs because of known side effects and high cost. If you wish to boost your dog’s immune fighting abilities, I’m-Yunity may be an excellent choice in achieving a better quality of life.

60 capsules per bottle.

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