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Hills Prescription Diet

Hills Prescription Dog Diet is a therapeutic pet food brand formulated. It is all natural with no added drugs or medications.

Hills believe quality care for your dog includes nutrition, veterinary health care, daily exercise and lots of love. They only use compassionate, noninvasive methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so dogs around the world live long, healthy lives.

Hills Prescription Dog Diet foods help treat health conditions such as allergies, skin problems, kidney problems, bladder stones, liver issues, diabetes, arthritis, and weight loss. For a number of conditions, an effective diet can be one of the cornerstones of treatment.

Why are prescription dog food only sold through veterinarians? Your vet is treating your dog for a certain health condition, and they know what nutrients are required for your dog. They can assess which food is best to help with your dog’s treatment. Your vet will also monitor the treatment to ensure the diet is working and will adjust the treatment according to your dog’s progress.