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Careferesh Natural


CareFRESH Small Animal Bedding 10L is a safe, healthy and fun bedding for your pet.


CareFRESH Pet Beddings are the original first pet bedding made from reclaimed cellulose. You and your pets will love CareFRESH because it is a small animal bedding made from reclaimed pulp waste that is clean and safe.


This short-fiber pulp can’t be made into paper; it’s free of clay and chemicals used in the paper making process. Carefresh Pet Bedding is tested for contaminants and sanitized to reduce bacteria, mold and fungus.

The products are great for promoting natural instinctive behaviors of burrowing and nesting. With the products super absorbency, excellent odor control, low dust, any of the CareFRESH bedding products make a great choice.

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Material: Wood Pulp

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